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Sound and Music Computing Group

The first researches on the application of electronic and digital technologies to sound and music at the University of Padova date back to the 1960s, and led to the foundation of the "Centro di Sonologia Computazionale" (CSC) in 1979. The activities of the CSC - including scientific research, music production, education, and dissemination - have always been based on an interdisciplinary approach through a close collaboration between researchers and musicians. Since 2009, the CSC has been part of the Department of Information Engineering with the name of CSC-Sound and Music Computing Group.
The CSC-Sound and Music Computing Group collaborates with many organizations, both at a national and international level. Research activities include 3D sound rendering, analysis and modeling of expressive and emotional content in music performance interaction, auditory display and auditory feedback in multimodal interfaces, digital audio post-processing techniques, preservation and restoration of music cultural heritage, and sound synthesis by physics-based models. Teaching activities include the course "Informatica Musicale" within the Master Degree in "Ingegneria Informatica", supervision of Ph.D. students with research projects in Sound and Music Computing, hosting of Erasmus students in collaboration with our European partners.

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More information on the Centro di Sonologia Computazionale can be found here.


IEEE 2nd VR workshop on Sonic Interactions in Virtual Environments (SIVE)
Arles, France, March 24


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