Facilities and Equipment

Today our facilities are organized in: a laboratory for experiments and installations (LIM1), a research laboratory (LIM2), a production laboratory, a preservation working environment, and an archive.

The laboratories are equipped with sophisticated multipurpose systems.... (this section is under construction)

In the archive hundreds of audio documents, most of which unpublished (open reel tapes, cassettes, digital audio tapes, phonographic discs, floppy disks, magneto-optical disks, optical disks, hard disk arrays), and millions of paper documents (scientific articles, books, correspondences, internal reports, musical scores) written by composers and researchers are stored. An interesting section of the archive is dedicated to the preparatory materials of musical works realized at CSC (synthesis sounds, source code, computer printouts, etc.).
The archive is an outstanding witness of the history of electroacoustic and electronic music in the second half of the twentieth century.

Library (section)

Giovanni De Poli, N.P.S., Teresa Rampazzi and Alvise Vidolin recordings

Tabulati Archive
Computer printout
Electronic organ and its audio recording

LIM1 Laboratory
LIM2 Laboratory
CSC Laboratory
CSC Archive

Historical CSC Equipment