Research Topics

The research focuses on the development of various techniques for sound generation and processing. Physically-based models are being investigated, in which sound synthesis algorithms are obtained by simulating objects and physical interactions that are responsible for the acoustic events. The goal is to develop sound synthesis algorithms which are suitable to be embedded in interactive systems with audio-visual of audio-haptic display, and gestural control. Recent research has focused on the development of interactive sound models for auditory feedback in multimodal interfaces, in particular contact sounds (impacts, friction, etc.).
Other currently active research threads include: numerical techniques for the simulation of non-linear systems, with applications to sound processing algorithms; musical instrument modeling; spectral methods for sound modeling, specifically spectrum separation and envelope estimation of the residual; audio restoration methods; acoustical enhancement techniques (room acoustics and equalization).
The research also investigates expressive intentions of music performance, from acoustic and perceptual analysis to the development of techniques for rendering expressiveness in a synthetic performance. So far the research has led to the development of an original modeling approach that allows to morph among performances with different expressive contents, both at the symbolic and signal levels.
Sound rendering is obtained by interfacing the expressiveness model with a dedicated postprocessing environment, which allows for the transformation of the event cues. The processing is based on the organized control of basic audio effects.
Recent research is focusing on extending these results towards the development of Multisensory Integrated Expressive Environments (mixed reality applications in the performing arts such as interactive dance, music, or video installations): algorithms for the recognition and processing of the expressive content of the user gestures (expressive feature extraction from signal computed using hw/sw motion capture systems).

Research Threads

3D Audio
Audio in multimodal interfaces
Audio restoration
Interactive environments for learning
Music expression modeling
Physically-based sound modeling
Virtual rehabilitation

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